In order to make beautiful caricature, We need a suitable photo of each person for drawing it.

Photo which is good for caricature has :

  • Big, clear and high resolution.
  • Show the face from the front side (The photo could not be taken from above and below the face).
  • Not cropped from any side of the face.
  • Not a screenshot of any media device.
  • Not too dark that the face is not visible.
  • Not any blur image.
how choose perfect photo for caricature

While choosing the photo keep in mind that we draw one face from one photo only.

Please keep in mind that :

  • Hairstyle of your caricature should be the same as per the photo given by you and you can personalize it, but it depends on the package you chose.
  • Any other requirement which is different from your original photo and our given sample is personalized, But it costs you more depending on the work you want.

Did you choose a best photo for caricature?

Zoom it and take a look on it :

  • Do you recognize the color of the eyes?
  • Do you recognize the color of the hair?
  • Do you recognize all the facial expressions?

If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, it means that your photo is suitable for drawing a caricature of it.

Different photos in one caricature / One photo in different caricature.

There is no need for all people to be in the same photo when you order a caricature with more than one person. Each face can be drawn from a different photo.

It is the same for when you order a caricature from a group photo.

In some cases the size and resolution of the photo are compromised.

 We do everything possible to your work with each photo you send us.

We know that it is not easy to find the perfect photos of you or your friends. We know that too.

We draw the best artwork with the photos you send us.

It is worth taking some time to choose a best, large and clear image that captures the features of your face. Then you will receive a  best caricature that captures the person.


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